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Dam Cancer

chris danner

It was less than two months ago that we heard our good friend was diagnosed with colon cancer. The Dam Cancer event was born from our need to do something to not only help out financially during the battle but to show our love and support. The event was made possible only because of the awesomeness of Belching Beaver Brewery and it's owner, Tom Vogel. We put our ideas together, asked for donations from the other local breweries, and spread the word in the brewing and fire communities as well as the general public. Tom managed to have his Beaver Park patio area built and completed in less than a month in order to hold the capacity of the event. Through the process we began to realize we had something really special going on. We had the potential to help so many other people that really needed and deserved it. The Pint Project was born and we now have several other events in the works with other breweries. We are beyond excited about what the future holds.