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The Pint Project has lost a friend, a nurse and strong advocate of the homeless community. She taught us about perseverance, being non-judgemental, and the true meaning of success. Orange Theory Encinitas recently held a fundraiser at their gym benefiting The Pint Project and in honor of Jessica Schuller, a young nurse that passed away while on her honeymoon. Funds received from them have gone directly towards covering cremation services for Niki, also a nurse who has passed too soon.  In the words of her father:

Nicole "Nikers" Weisenstein BA, BSN, RN
In Loving Memory of this beautiful young nurse who dedicated her life to the less fortunate.
Her spirits' bright glow guided those lost in life's storm to a place of hope and laughter.
Residents of the homeless community from San Diego to Indianapolis knew her as one of their own...she judged no one.
Nikers lit us all up...we lost her too young.
In her words..."what is important is not how far you go in your life, but the distance you travel".

*The Pint Project has covered expenses for cremation services. Your donations in honor of Niki are greatly appreciated and will go directly two charity services important to her.

To make a donation CLICK HERE, select a donation amount and then select Nicole Weisenstein from the drop down menu.