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First Alarm Project

We are proud to finally be underway on our First Alarm project that will center on local fire departments in San Diego County. The program will focus on cancer screening, utilizing a newer science that uses dogs to detect cancer. The process involves a select group of trained dogs in Canada that have the ability to detect cancer in humans, and they do it with more than a 70% success rate......


First Alarm Pilot Program Partners:

·      San Diego County Fire Department Local Unions

·      San Diego County Fire Chiefs

First Alarm Pilot Program Summary:

    First Alarm Pilot Program Purpose

To offer fire department personnel serving within San Diego County and their immediate family members cancer prevention              awareness, early detection screening, peer-based support and financial assistance in a time of need.

    First Alarm Pilot Program Vision…

To shine a light on the growing risks of cancer to fire service personnel by providing prevention awareness and offering early detection screening.  To be a viable resource for the unexpected needs if cancer is detected by offering peer-based support and financial assistance.

    First Alarm Pilot Program…

The First Alarm Pilot Program is designed to provide best services to all levels of fire service personnel within San Diego County and their immediate family members. This includes active duty, inactive duty, probationary and retired personnel.

The First Alarm Pilot Program financial assistance is designed to supplement services already in place (i.e.: insurance, Workers Compensation., Local and National Union specific program benefits and other related programs) throughout any cancer treatment care.

The First Alarm Pilot Program is designed to make available the more immediate needs that other programs do not offer (i.e.: gas, food, lodging, bills, transportation, day care, and parking permits to the family fighting cancer).

The First Alarm Pilot Program is designed to offer and maintain supportive services and assistance throughout a fire service member (or family member) cancer treatment journey and on to becoming a cancer survivor.

    First Alarm Pilot Program Financial Plan…

The Pint Project will seek out seed money through community foundation grants, sponsors and donors. To continue to implement and sustain the First Alarm, The Pint Project will offer an annual fundraising event to support the Fire Alarm Program as well as designate 5% from additional fundraising event.

All administration services will be provided by The Pint Project staff.

First Alarm Pilot Program Action Plan:

·      Goal: Select and confirm two small area fire departments to participate in the First Alarm Pilot Program.

·      Goal: Develop participant roster (control group)/Consent forms/Waivers/Document

·      Goal: Conduct pre-program department-wide survey to measure understanding, knowledge and acceptance of the First Alarm Pilot                  Program.

·      Goal: Conduct department-wide prevention awareness educational modules.

·      Goal: Implement detection screening services.

·      Goal: Maintain oversight of screening results. Prepare and present results.

·      Goal: Offer second screening following inconclusive or Positive results.

·      Goal: Maintain oversight of second screening results. Prepare and present results.

·      Goal: For Positive results, begin implementing guidance in medical follow-up. Provide financial assistance as needed. Begin offering     peer-based support and outreach.

·      Goal: Conduct department-wide follow-up awareness and support-based educational modules.

·      Goal: Conduct post-program department-wide survey to measure understanding, knowledge and acceptance of the First Alarm Pilot Program.

·      Goal: Coordinate and host The Pint Project individual fundraising event in collaboration with fire department/union. Provide pass-through account to fund medical and wellness needs.

·      Goal: Through available financial assistance, provide out-patient assistance that lends itself towards the wellness, healing and rehabilitation following cancer treatment. May also include pressure garments, psycho-social programs and/or mental health counseling services, specialized conferences and seminars, etc.

·      Goal: Provide ongoing service through The Pint Project support-based programs:

o   Firefighter Cancer Survivor Support Group –helps those battling cancer and those who have survived cancer cope with the psychological effects of their injuries through peer counseling and special educational speakers.

o   Firefighter Cancer Peer Support Training –begin transitioning First Alarm Program cancer survivors into “peer supporter” by offering training modules.